5 Things to Look for In A Personal Injury Attorney

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    We have all heard it before —accidents happen. However, sometimes they don’t just happen but are the result of another’s negligence or careless disregard for your safety. When you are injured under these circumstances, it’s time to seek the advice of a skilled personal injury lawyer.

    Qualities you want in a personal injury lawyer

    When deciding who you want to represent you following an accident, you should seek out a lawyer who possesses the following qualities:

    1. Only charges a fee if and when your case is settled or you have prevailed in court
    2. Returns your phone calls in a timely fashion and provides regular updates on the progress of your case
    3. Doesn’t make outlandish promises but rather gives you a reasonable, honest assessment of your case’s merits
    4. Is comfortable giving you client references to contact
    5. Has a significant track record of successes with cases similar to yours

    Start with an initial consultation

    In order to evaluate an attorney, start by scheduling a consultation to discuss the specifics of your accident, the injuries you suffered and your expectations from a lawsuit. By opening up a dialogue, you can evaluate how comfortable you feel talking to the lawyer. Do you feel confident that he or she can help you? Does the attorney come across as knowledgeable, caring and competent? If you are in West Virginia, our personal injury attorneys are ready to discuss your case and our qualifications at your convenience. 



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