The Complexity of Truck Accident Injury Claims

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    truck accident crash

    If you get into an accident on West Virginia roads with a large commercial vehicle, such as a semi-truck, it’s important to understand that you and your attorney may need to deal with certain complexities not found in a typical car accident case. That’s because there may be multiple parties at fault for the crash, including the truck driver, a commercial trucking company and the company in charge of loading the trailer, among others.

    It is also important to understand the various state and federal safety regulations for the commercial trucking industry. These include everything from driver licensing and training to proper weight distribution and how long drivers may continue to operate their rigs before taking mandated rest breaks. When truck drivers and companies violate these rules, they endanger the safety of the people with whom they share the nation’s roads and highways.

    Post-crash procedures

    After a truck accident, a certified truck inspector must visit the site and inspect the truck before it can leave the scene. The inspector will look at the damage done to the truck and any other vehicles present while also determining if driver error or an equipment failure led to the crash. Some trucks have dashboard computers that record speed, rest stops and other data, providing valuable insights into whether the driver violated any laws before the accident.

    With all the factors that may be involved in a truck accident, it’s essential you’re represented by a skilled attorney to ensure you protect your best interests. Our experienced truck accident attorneys will investigate the accident and determine who or what was at fault. To receive the guidance and advice you need, speak with a knowledgeable legal professional at Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC.

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