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What Makes Us Unique?

Our firm chose personal injury as a primary focus for our practice because there was an ability to help people in need. We take pride in taking over the stresses that are involved in helping you to get through that difficult time.

We Know How to Put The Pieces Back Together

When somebody has been injured, they oftentimes are faced with an intertwining web of profits may be unable to work. They’re going to be getting bills. It can be disruptive to the family going against an opponent that is well-funded and very determined to keep the money, rather than giving it to you. We are able to reassure them that we know how to take care of the problem. We know how to put the pieces back together.

We’re going to take on the burden of dealing with the insurance company. We’re going to take on the burden of making sure the bills get paid, and we’re going to take on the burden to make sure that whoever’s responsible has to make it right for them. The ability for us to take on that weight. It’s something that we feel a personal responsibility for, for each of my clients.

Why Choose Kaufman & McPherson Personal Injury, Family & Accident Lawyers?

We’re really making a difference in someone’s life. Not in some corporations, coffers, we’re making a difference in somebody’s life for the better. And we view it very seriously. That kind of dedication is what every client deserves. We’re going to take care of it. We’re going to do it right.

No Fee Unless You Win

Multi Millions in Recoveries

Thousands of Happy Clients

What Our Clients Say

Very helpful in walking me through this experience would recommend them 100 times out of 100 truly a blessing and very accommodating and resourceful.
Hands down the best lawyer you could ever ask for. Adam works with you and strives to give you the best possible outcome. Greatful for him!