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We suggest to everybody, even if you think your injury is relatively minor, take the time, call an injury attorney, speak with them, get their advice. No one’s going to charge you for that advice. We’re happy to have that conversation with you and see if something we can help you with or if you’re going to be better off doing it on your own.


That’s a broad question. If you’re talking about the terms of the representation for the car accident, we work on a contingent fee and that fee typically is one-third of the amount of the settlement if the case is settled through negotiation. And 40%, if the case has to be litigated. That’s because litigation is a higher risk, a lot more work and more expenses that we are tying up as we front all those expenses for you until the case is over. If you’re talking about a mass tort case, those are obviously very expensive to bring. The fee for those is typically a 40% fee.

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Very helpful in walking me through this experience would recommend them 100 times out of 100 truly a blessing and very accommodating and resourceful.
Hands down the best lawyer you could ever ask for. Adam works with you and strives to give you the best possible outcome. Greatful for him!