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    Have a Dog Bite Injury Case?

    At Kaufman and McPherson, we have a great deal of experiencing handling victims of dog bite injury cases all across West Virginia. From the relatively minor dog bite to the severe attack. We’ve handled all of them and how we approach a case really depends upon the circumstances. 

    Dog Bite Case Example

    For example, if the dog is running at large, there’s a direct path to the homeowner through strict liability in West Virginia. Even if you’re on the homeowner’s property, you have the ability to get compensation if you can prove that the dog owner was negligent in some way.

    Contact Us Right Away

    It’s important if you’ve been involved in a dog bite injury case that you contact the proper authorities, whether it’s the police or even to make sure that its property properly documented. They’ll do a report, usually witness statements, they’ll take photographs, and sometimes even obtain insurance information.

    Get Medical Attention ASAP

    If it’s needed. It’s also important that you get proper treatment from a hospital or urgent care facility that knows the proper protocol to use to make sure the health department has contacted or animal control is involved so that if the dog needs quarantine, it can be properly quarantined.

    The medical professionals will determine if the dog has had its rabies shots, for example. Those are all very important for you if you’ve been involved in a dog bite case in West Virginia like that.

    Our dog bite attorneys at Kauffman MacPherson can help you in your particular case. No charge to you and we can see how we can help. Consult with us today.

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