Cancer Risk Gives Zantac Users Reason for Heartburn

Senior woman suffering from heartburn or chest discomfort symptoms
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    The medication ranitidine has been on the market since 1981 and has been heavily advertised under its most popular brand name, Zantac. It is available over the counter to treat mild cases of heartburn and may also be prescribed by doctors in stronger doses to treat ulcers. But recent news suggests that the cure might be worse than the disease.

    Preliminary tests by the FDA revealed in September 2019 indicate that ranitidine contains N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a contaminant that may cause cancer after exposure to high doses over a lengthy period of time. The presence of this probable carcinogen in both the unregulated form of the drug and the stronger, prescribed version means that many users might have been exposed to the risk of cancer for many years without realizing it. Two manufacturers of generic ranitidine, Novartis/Sandoz and Apotex, immediately recalled their products, but Zantac and other ranitidine brands and generics remain on the market. Whether they also contain NDMA has not been determined.

    If you have contracted cancer after taking Zantac or another ranitidine regularly for more than a year, you might have a legal remedy. Multiple users have filed products liability suits against Zantac manufacturers Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim, alleging the product causes colorectal, esophageal, intestinal or other cancers. The manufacturer of an unsafe drug may be liable for injuries to consumers if the drug could have been designed or manufactured more safely or if it lacked appropriate warnings of any dangers. The injured consumer need not prove that the manufacturer was negligent: only that the product caused injury after having been used as directed.

    The attorneys of Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC have the skill and experience to determine whether you have a potential case for recovering monetary compensation for injuries suffered from ranitidine use. If so, we will guide you through the process as we build a case for liability and document your damages, lining up appropriate expert testimony. We will negotiate a just settlement or go to trial if necessary to vindicate your rights. To consult with us about your potential claim, call 304-842-4300 or contact us online.



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