What Homeowners Must Do To Prevent Swimming Pool Accidents

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    Home swimming pools can provide a lot of refreshing fun during the hot, sticky summer months in West Virginia. However, pools can also be quite dangerous, and owners must take certain steps to ensure guests do not suffer serious injuries on their premises.

    The following are some key safety precautions for backyard swimming pools:

    • Fences: All pools should have walls or fences at least four feet off the ground and that completely surround the pool. This includes self-latching gates that small children cannot open without an adult.
    • Cover: Pools should have a cover over them when not in use. There are motorized covers that are easy to open and close, preventing children from jumping in if they wander into the pool area.
    • Equipment: Emergency rescue equipment should be in the pool area at all times. Owners would also be wise to undergo CPR training to provide assistance if an accident occurs.
    • Locked steps: If the pool is above ground, it should have a ladder that can lock in an upright position when the pool is not in use. Again, this will prevent children from getting in the pool with no adults present.
    • Alarms: For added security, pool owners can install alarms that send an alert if someone gets in the pool when no one else is around. Users can even set up these alarms to provide notifications on their smart phones.

    In many ways, homeowners take on an enormous legal responsibility when installing a pool on their property. If they fail to take the proper steps to protect others and an injury occurs, they may be liable for covering medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

    For more information on what you should do after a swimming pool accident resulting from another party’s negligence, consult a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in West Virginia with Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC.

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